Ethically Sourced Wood

Butternut, Brass & Buckskin II
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A few words from E.R. St-Louis about the wood and other materials. 

 “Human arrogance is the playground of fools. This wood was harvested from local, sustainable sources. Most slabs and pedestals are from salvaged storm-damaged trees and more often than not rescued from firewood piles."

 "What you won’t find in my atelier is waste. Every piece of raw material ends up being used either in furniture sculpture or other SFF type projects. Small projects are no less beautiful.  In simple unobtrusive design, the unguarded beauty is often found in the more intimate details of a smaller form factor. I try to show respect for every one of the materials, be they renewable or not. I cannot take down a tree just to harvest a few boards, that to me seems almost criminal."

 "I like to focus on a tree's many scars and features because in those minute details is where you will find the real story and the true beauty of that tree."

 "I also prefer to highlight rather than hide the unique marks of the workers who were part of the harvesting process. My pieces often include rough mill-saw blade marks or chainsaw nicks."

 "The steel bases are also built of recycled or repurposed material. In this particular instance from the off-cuts of a local trailer manufacturer."