Designers are not born, they are forged by melding engineering and art. Both E.R. and his father were granted US patents for machinery designs, his Swedish mother, herself an accomplished artist and illustrator who grew up in a family of weavers and steel and wood sculptors, provided a strong artistic influence. 


 E.R: “Growing up in Québec, one cannot help but form a deep emotional bond with nature; a bond with the trees, with the earth, with the wildlife and the waters. These unique designs are not found anywhere else on earth, they contain the essence of a unique heritage. This essence is found in their grain figure, in their colour, in their fragrance and in the bounty of their fruit..”  And, this essence is also found in E.R. St-Louis.

 "Some of these pieces are remarkable to the eye and brain because where the viewer would expect to see two support points, they see one, and when expecting to see one element, such as a remarkable piece of wood, they see two. And where there should be chaos and polarity, one finds harmony and equilibrium.”                                                                                              -E.R. St-Louis

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